Gonna Floor Ya with da FloorD Printer!

Our final project debuted the futuristic prototype called the “FloorD Printer”, a 3D printer that could be installed at furniture retail stores in virtualization pods that double as show rooms. Like the traditional showroom at IKEA or Crate&Barrel, the virtualization pod is supposed to allow you interaction and tactile experience with the furniture you’re looking to purchase.

The process of creating the prototype movie was interesting. For a couple weeks, Bryan and I had some scheduling issues, and as such, we opted to take a lot of our work ‘virtually’ and work with each other from remote locations. This had its benefits and its pitfalls. First, the pitfalls: I found it much more difficult to set time aside and ‘lock down’ a time that I could dedicate to the project. When I’m face-to-face with my partner, I feel like we’re “on the same page” a lot more often than when we’re discussing things online… or after we go online and have to remember what exactly we talked about.

That being said, one of the greatest benefits of doing iterative parts of the project remotely was that everything was documented with chat logs, Google drive ‘brainstorming’ documents, and emails. Piecing all the parts together, and bringing our independent fieldwork together into one project was no trivial task (especially since I’ve never worked with a movie maker before), but it was great to have everything we ever discussed at the tip of my fingers.

We worked hard on this project, and Bryan did an excellent job with our audio files and capturing the pictures. I wrote the script and did most of the legwork stitching the ‘parts’ together. I think we worked well together, and it shows in the end product. Neither of us had really done this before now, so between storyboarding, script writing, and struggling to understand post-production software (Win Movie Maker), I felt like we’ve come a long way.


Here is a copy of our script.

Here is a copy of our scenario.

Here is the final product.



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