Storyboarding and Animated Sequences

Drawing Scenarios
Storyboarding is awesome. When you break it down, storyboarding really is about telling a story. But, instead of knights and adventure, you have a user trying to accomplish a task. A series of States and Transitions that flow into each other, and sometimes back upon each other. Story-boarding can be as complex as you let it, but at the end of the day it’s all about mapping out the user experience in the same FLOW that the user would experience it.

Animating Sequences
Animating sequences is a straightfoward alternative to storyboarding. While you might need a BIG canvas for storyboarding, you only need powerpoint for animated sequences. The use of templates and formatted structure will give that ‘in use’ feel of the end product.

Between storyboarding and animated sequences, I think they’re best used in conjunction with each other. Storyboarding might be a lower fidelity, used to roughly sketch out the user’s experience and to watch the flow of the product being used. Animated sequences would be best used, in my opinion, in giving a ‘deeper’ cleaner look of each “State” of a storyboard. The templating method would save a lot of time in keeping things consistent and neat.


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